Computer Service & Repair

Creative Technology Services
Creative Technology Services

Maine’s Finest Computer Service & Repair. Both in home or office. Repairing or upgrading all makes and models of computers and laptops. In addition, if your computer won’t boot, takes too long to load or runs poorly, that can be remedied. In short, just Email, Phone or use the Contact Form to Get in Touch.

Specializing in hardware trouble shooting and resolve. Repair or upgrade any components. Power Supply, Memory, Hard-Drive, Motherboard, Optical drives, Sound card, Video card, Network card, Laptop screens and more.

Viruses and Malware are a big problem today. For both businesses and homes alike. If you have malware on your computer, it usually can be removed safely. However, it is recommended that any computer with a virus, be fully restored to a new state. Recovering and restoring your computer to perfect working order. In addition, No Loss of data or personal files! Therefore, getting you back up and running quickly.

Remote Computer Repair

Many services can be done remotely. Due to your needs and schedule, this may be a better fit for you. If it can be done remotely, and this option is for you, Get In Touch.

A remote connection to your computer is completely safe. You can have the peace of mind knowing that full encryption RSA private, public key exchange and AES 256 Bit encoding is in use. These are the same standards that are used in HTTP/SSL.

Technology Tutoring

Whether you are young or old, just starting out, or an intermediate user, technology tutoring can be a great help. Due to constantly changing technology it can be difficult to keep up.

Teaching at your speed because we are all different, insuring that you have a solid understanding of what you’re doing. Learning in a way that is comfortable for you. Tutoring both in-home or remotely available.